Sugar Loaf

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Sugar Loaf aerial view
Arrival at Sugar Loaf's front entrance.
The court yard of Sugar Loaf. Secure, safe parking if needed.
View from the front court yard area.
One of the views from the garden of Sugar Loaf.
A view of the secluded, private gardens that surround the main building.
View of the main house from the garden.
The surrounding area as one is looking towards the Falmouth Harbour area.
View of Falmouth Harbour as seen from the Gallery of Sugar Loaf.
A chance rainbow from the Gallery of Sugar Loaf.
A view from the top of the stairs down to the pool area.
Sit back, relax and unwind with this wonderful view.
Sugar Loafs secluded pool area.
Tranquility, peace & quiet, sun... What more do you need.
Secluded, private and peaceful pool area of Sugar Loaf.
The stunning view from the pool area.
Should anyone fancy a day closer to the action or just sailing, Tumbler is for hire with her skipper.
A view from underneath the shaded canopy area next to the pool.
The open air shower, stone-walled.
The gallery area. Substantial space and perfect for hosting with friends or family.
Comfortable seating with awe inspiring views.
A beautifully crafted and well maintained wooden table on the gallery area.
Surrounded by the islands natural beauty, from all angles.
Sugar Loaf is perfect for thos wishing to host lunches of dinners for all occasions.
The sitting room with a comfortable work desk should you need to attend to work matters.
Well lit, spacious and cool Sitting Room. Perfect for relaxing.
There are excellent views from the Sitting Room with numerous doors onto the Gallery area.
Ceiling fans, A/C and comfortable seating.
Master bedroom
One of the spacious bedrooms
One of the 4 guest bedrooms.
All bedrooms have mosquito nets and fresh bed linen is available.
Stunning views follow you everywhere.
One of the morning views.
View out onto the gallery area from one of the bedrooms.
A view of Sugar Loaf's spacious Kitchen area.
A well-equipped, spacious kitchen.
There are doors from the Kitchen/Dining area to the outside Gallery.
The front entrance area to Sugar Loaf.
Front secure gate to Sugar Loaf's court yard.
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